Planning of updates




At this moment, no update of eLaborate is scheduled. Wishes for next releases are gathered on the eLaborate Roadmap (see below). When a new release is being prepared, the items on the Roadmap will be evaluated and those issues most useful for a broad range of users will then be prioritized for development. The selected issues will be described, as well as the expected release date. After the release, a description of the changes will be published on the page New in eLaborate.

Requests for new issues on the Roadmap can be submitted through the form at the bottom of this page.



The numbers in front of the issues are for ease of reference only and do not represent any order of importance or priority.

  1. A solution for users how to deal with text or annotations that cross a page break
  2. Improve highlighting in annotated hits
  3. Possibility to refer/link to a paragraph
  4. Visualizations of correspondence networks
  5. Internal links (links to URL’s outside eLaborate are already possible)
  6. Continuous line numbering
  7. Double line numbers (one automatic, one manual)
  8. Rotate images
  9. Save/download search results
  10. Interfaces in other languages
  11. Display contributor who last edited an entry


Use the following form to report bugs or desired features: